How To Choose Motorcycles For Tall Riders?

Best Motorcycles for Tall Riders

Generally, almost all motorcycles manufactured are carefully designed with the height of an average person in mind which ranges from 5’8” to 5’10”. People with average heights tend to be luckier because of the ease and liberty of getting onto any motorcycle and also when riding and purchasing a motorcycle for a start.

Well as far as tall riders are concerned there might be no liberty for them to climb or ride any motorcycle, as a matter of fact, they find it quite hard especially when you as a tall rider is well over 6 feet tall. Mostly when a manufacturer says the lowered seat feature of a certain model is designed for various riders with different height is mostly not true. As a result of this, we will be analyzing few best motorcycles for tall riders without leaving any part untouched as this will serve as your guide when picking one.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycles for Tall Riders

Here are few features that could guide you when choosing the best motorcycle that suits tall riders the best.

1. The Height of the Saddle

The saddles’ height is a crucial feature of a motorcycle that can’t be neglected by tall riders. When the saddle height is higher, the rider must be taller in height. For example, the saddle height of the BMW R1200GS is 33.5’’ which can be to 34.3’’. There are seats that are optional and adjustable between the range of 31.1 and 35.0 inches.

2. ​​​​The Weight

The weight of the motorcycle and that of the rider must be put into consideration when proposing to get one. Some motorcycles are known to weigh well over 500 pounds and it should be noted that a heavy bike will definitely need the legs for support during a standstill or when stopped at the traffic light.

3. Adjustable Saddle

The saddles’ suspension can be adjusted either by raising it or by lowering it and this does not insinuate that you might have a comfortable ride. Therefore it is not advisable but can still be considered only if there’s a minor gap of about one to two inches that could be gapped, adjusting the height of the saddle isn’t just a function of the actual saddle.

The Best Top 5 Motorcycles for Tall Riders

Here are five best carefully picked and well-researched motorcycles for tall

1. BMW R 1200GS

The BMW R1200GS is also an adventure type motorcycle which is best suited for tall motorcycles riders. It is seated in an upright position and designed with better comfort for long trips, this feature makes it the best choice for a long journey. This motorcycle gives enough room for stretching of legs with seat height ranging from thirty-three to thirty-five inches.

The bikes’ seat and handlebar are smartly engineered in a way that it prevents the rider from being stressed out way too soon and also with a top speed of about 130 miles per hour which will get you to your destination pretty fast. Another perspective of viewing its level of comfort is the distance of the seat to the ground.

2. Honda NC700X

This model is one of the best motorcycles for tall riders and is an adventured styled commuter motorcycle which is also pretty economically friendly in terms of fuel consumption and better comfort for a long journey. The dual clutch transmissions also function as a fully automatic gearbox and also aid the efficiency of the fuel. Although the motorcycle is not a speedster due to its parallel-Twin 670cc, it comes with a great mileage for a very long ride.

3. Ducati Multistrada 1200

The Ducati Multistrada-1200 is known for turning the head of crowds because its engine is engineered with a breathtaking DVT (desmodromic variable timing). This motorcycle multifaceted-bosch electronics controls the ABS cornering with the traction control also the 4 riding modes and the motorcycles’ wheel control. It produces a high class-leading power with great smoothness while consuming low fuel. Its torque value is quite amazing which is about 136Nm at about a 7.500 rpm and also comes with a power value of 160 Horsepower which makes catching up while on road a great fun. The 33.5 inches saddle height adds to its features that make it one of the best.

4. The KTM 1190 Adventure R

The KTM 1190 is the best choice if you plan traveling on dirt roads or offroad and if you riding through a desert or its vicinity the KTM 1190 is properly engineered for the journey. The offroad possibility is made possible by its chassis which can be adjusted and. It has big wheels which are about 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the back and its travel suspension are quite long so as to deliver a stress less offroad journey. An ABS specially designed program reduces the stopping distances, this innovative design has various electronic-modes that affect traction control and delivery in power. With suspension travel of about 220 mm insinuates that the seat is high and about 33.5 inches, makes it even more suitable for riders that are taller.

5. Harley-Davidson Breakout

This is an America made motorcycle it is a pretty good bike for tall riders with an angle of knee bend which is about 1190. This particular model engine is an air cooled 45 degrees V-Twin engine and a high output twin-cam 103B™ with this features the engine pulse is felt and the rattling vibrations filling out are prevented by the twin-cam 103B™, this motorcycle seat height ranges from 24.7 to 25.8 inches.

It is really unusual for one to buy products that could end up not being useful or dumped somewhere just accumulating dust instead of it being used somewhere. So if you are the type that has no time or the luxury to carry out proper research about what you need it is advisable that you know most motorcycles that are adventure type bikes are known to be best suited for tall riders and you can as well carry out your research or probably choose out of this selected few.

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