Buy the Best Motorcycle Jacket Black Friday of 2017

Motorcycle Jacket Black Friday

Black Friday is near – and if you were looking for the right motorcycle jacket for you, there is no better time in the year than now!

All bikers know that safety is important when riding their bikes and that is why they go to great lengths to purchase the correct and suitable biking gear. An essential part of this gear is the jacket that not only protects the biker when he is riding at high speeds but also gives him a distinctive look. These jackets are either made of leather or other man-made specialized fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar and have their own distinct advantages. 

The Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets You Can Buy This Black Friday

Now that you know how to choose a motorcycle jacket we present 5 jackets that are in great demand.

It is made up of premium milled hide and comes with a detachable thermal liner. It is made up of thick leather to protect you and give you a rich feel. It has excellent zippers and comes with sufficient pockets and a built-in waist belt/buckle. 

The features of this Viking cycle ironborn jacket include a custom adjustment system that can be used to smugly fit the jacket to your frame at six key places. It also has superior protective gear including shoulder, elbow and spine armour which can be removed easily if you wish to. The ergonomically designed outer layer is made up of water-proof material.

White in colour, the Fox racing Titan sport protective MTB jacket gives you the most complete protection thanks to the plastic plating that protects key contact areas including the back, shoulders and elbows. The centre zipper makes wearing it and taking it off a child’s play. The strategically placed ventilation areas keep you cool even during hot summers. 

This well made ergonomically designed Xelement CF380 men’s black armoured mesh jacket is made of durable tri-tex fabric. The lightweight jacket has level 3 armour, offering excellent protection. It also comes with shoulder, arms and elbow pad. The zip pockets provide enough room for bikers to keep their essentials safely.

If you are looking for a stylish racing jacket made of thick, abrasion-resistant leather, level 3 removable armour, front zippered closure with wind flap, full zip-out black quilted lining and antique brass hardware then you should settle for this offering from Xelement XSPR105. It’s got all that you would need from a racing jacket, and is also a sturdy choice. The bonus perk? It does look great too!

The Top Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Jacket

While choosing a stylish and protective Black Friday motorcycle jacket keep in mind that it is an important piece of protective clothing apart from being a style statement. 

  • Choose a jacket that matches your fit and style
    Start by deciding whether you need a separate motorcycle jacket or a one-piece motorcycle suit will serve your purpose. A one-piece suit also gives you full body protection, but it does not offer you the flexibility of a jacket. Additionally, a jacket has more storage space for your wallet, documents and other items that you would like to carry on your body.
  • Comfort Level
    A good jacket should be comfortable even when worn over long distances at one go. How comfortable a jacket depends on a variety of factors like weight, protection level that it provides and the space it takes for storage. A good jacket should not move around while you are riding and the armour pads should rest at their correct place. Leather jackets are generally heavier than jackets made of woven textiles and need waterproof membrane to protect you from the rain. You should go in for a mesh jacket if you ride in varying weather conditions. But leather jackets fit your body more perfectly and leather is also a softer material.
  • Safety
    Remember that the primary function of a motorcycle jacket is to protect you in case of an accident or a fall. When leather is strained it stretches slightly. This prevents it from ripping easily. On the other hand, textile materials are torn more easily under strain. So if you purchase a jacket made of textile weave you should see that it is reinforced with materials like Cordura or Kevlar.
    Motorcycle jackets come with protective padding mostly on the arms, chest and back of the jacket. While checking out the protectors see that the padding is not only elastic but large enough to efficiently distribute the energy in a crash. Protectors should be attached to the outside of the jacket if it is a close-fitting jacket but must be on the inside of a loose fit jacket. Elbow protectors should be large enough to protect your ulna from injury.
  • Durability
    A high-end leather scores over a mesh jacket when it comes to durability. A good leather jacket can last a lifetime if cared properly and can withstand a crash far better than a textile jacket. 
  • Jacket colour
    Even though black seems to be the all-time favourite as far the motorcycle jackets are concerned you can choose other bright colours too, which are more easily recognizable than black. But if you want to buy a black jacket do use large panels of reflective material. 
  • Care and Cleaning
    A leather jacket is heavier and more cumbersome to clean than a motorcycle jacket made of textile material. Textile jackets can be easily cleaned in a washing machine while leather needs to be dry cleaned and conditioned if it is to last your lifetime.

It’s Time to Get Started!

Now that you have got a good idea of what to look for in a motorcycle jacket go ahead and choose the jacket that not only suits your purpose and style but also offers adequate protection, flexibility and functionality.

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