Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor Review

IV2 is responsible for making many different motorcycle helmets, but one of the very popular models is the Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor. This is a helmet that is cheap in price yet is still DOT safety approved, making it a great choice compared to some more expensive helmets on the market.

Full face helmets are safer and in many cases more comfortable than other helmets, but they generally cost much more. Inexpensive, DOT approved full face helmets such as this one from IV2 are not always easy to find.

Why Should You Buy this Helmet?

You might not want this as your permanent helmet for year or for wearing on very long rides, but if you need a helmet quickly, are just starting to ride, or want to by a helmet for your passengers than you can really find a good use from the full face helmet from IV2.

Description of the IV2 Helmet

Let’s take a look at a few of the features on this helmet. It have some things that help it to win some positive points with riders:

  1. DOT Approved
    Safety is the most important part of any motorcycle helmet and this model lives up to US DOT standards of safety. This means it is legal for use on the roads and should keep your head protected reasonably well if you do have an accident.
  2. Easy mechanism to switch visors
    This particular helmet comes with a clear and a tinted visor, which you can easily switch using the built-in mechanism on the helmet.
  3. Good ventilation
    Front and rear vents on this helmet are designed to let enough air through to keep you comfortable without making things too loud inside your helmet.
  4. Aerodynamic design
    Another factor that is used to help cut down on wind noise is the shape and aerodynamic design of the exterior shell. You shouldn’t experience your helmet getting “caught” by the wind at any point and it will be a comfortable ride with lower noise levels.
  5. Removable, sweat absorbent inner lining
    Comfort is another issue many riders care about in a helmet. This helmet’s liner is made to help you stay comfortable even in the hottest temperatures. You can also stay healthier by removing and washing the lining when necessary.
  6. Lightweight materials
    The materials used for this helmet meet the DOT standards, but they are not too heavy to make your neck uncomfortable while you are wearing it.


Pros and Cons of this Product

No product can be perfect, so here are some of the good and the bad things about the IV2 full face helmet:


  • Good for a budget
  • Comes with a free tinted visor to exchange
  • Lightweight
  • Effective during many accident situations
  • Attractive design


Anyone in need of a quick and easy helmet that will keep you safe and won’t break your bank should check out this IV2 helmet. It have all the ones that really count such as meeting the DOT safety standards.

That being said, it is the perfect helmet for those just beginning to ride who are unsure if the will like it or anyone that carries passengers with them and needs a safe helmet for them to wear.

It makes switching visors very convenient, and it is a great budget helmet for anyone that doesn’t want to spend so much on their purchase.

Probably one of the most popular features about this helmet is the addition of an extra tinted visor with your purchase. While many helmets come only with a clear visor, you get a tinted visor from IV2 as well that is really simple to switch out. It could be a hassle to carry the extra visor around, but the tinted visor is light enough that you can ride in some night situations while wearing it if you ride in lighted areas.

Final Conclusion

Need a cheap and easy helmet for shorter rides? Go ahead and spend your money on the Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor from IV2. You won’t be getting something that will last you forever, but you will be getting a comfortable, safe helmet for your passengers or for yourself while you wear it.

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