How to Install a Bluetooth Headset on a Motorcycle Helmet?

Listening to some music, communicating with the other riders, getting instructions, and accessing GPS via Bluetooth are things that every long distance rider would love having. However, not everybody can afford helmets that have inbuilt Bluetooth. This does not leave you helpless if you cannot afford them, because you can install Bluetooth in your helmets on your own and save some cash.

There are two DIY methods of installing Bluetooth into a helmet. The first method will require you to cut your helmet while the other only needs some interior modifications of the helmet. Whether you will use the former or the later method of installing Bluetooth depends on the design of your helmet. If you have a helmet that has inbuilt communications capabilities, then you do not have to cut your helmet to fit the Bluetooth. On the other hand, if you have a plain helmet that is not designed for communication, then you have to cut it in order to fit your Bluetooth.

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Installation Without Exterior Changes

This method of installing a Bluetooth headset only makes changes on the inside of the helmet. It works with a helmet that has an inbuilt communication system. There is no cutting or drilling of the helmet. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Prepare the headset

Remove the cushioning on the headset so that it can be easy to mount on the helmet.

2. Prepare the helmet for mounting

First you should inspect the inner side of your helmet and determine where your ear is always located when you have the helmet on and mark it. Cut the cushioning on the location that you had marked earlier. You can as well remove the whole cushioning so as to ensure you do not make unnecessary cuts on it. You should make the space for putting the headset big enough so that the helmet fits well just as it did before the alterations.

Put your headset to the existing sockets; pass the wire through the existing wire channels that were designed for communication channels. When all the wires are installed well you can put the cushioning back if you had removed it. Glue the headset so that it firmly holds on the helmet, and you are good to go.

Installation With Exterior Cuts

This involves some changes on both the inside and outside of the helmet. Below are a few steps to follow to mount a Bluetooth headset with exterior cuts:

1. Unpack your headset

Remove the headset from its package then unscrew it to make disassembling it easier.

2. Disassemble the headset

After you have removed all the screws, you can now go ahead and disassemble your headset. Remove the ear cushions carefully and put them aside because you will put them back later. Then remove the wires, noting where each wire was before you started disassembling. Now that every piece of your headset is apart, you can go ahead and prepare the helmet for mounting.

3. Prepare the helmet for mounting

Determine the position that you will mount your headset. Then make a hole big enough for passing the wire. To pass the wires easily through the cushions inside the helmet, you can remove the cushions and put them back later.

4. Mount the headset

Pass the headset wires through the hole that you had made on the helmet and start assembling every part of the Bluetooth headset on. The wires might need soldering to ensure they are connected firmly. Once you have connected the wires right, test your headset to ensure it is working before putting the cushions back. Once you have put all the cushions back you can now glue your headset on the helmet to ensure it holds firmly on the inside.


Best Types of Headsets to Use

Below are some of the best Bluetooth headsets for helmets on

  • Avantree Motorcycle Bluetooth

It is a waterproof helmet Bluetooth that is compatible with all motorcycle helmets. It has a Bluetooth intercom feature that enables you to speak with your passenger clearly. It has a multi-point technology that supports two Bluetooth devices simultaneously; hence you can use your phone while using your GPS device. It supports combination of music and GPS. Therefore, you can listen to music when you are not listening to your GPS audio. It is waterproof; hence this intercom helmet ensures your gadget’s audio is not damaged during heavy rain.

  • Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom

It is designed to enable communication between riders over long distance ranges, up to 900meters.It can be connected with a Bluetooth enabled phone; hence you can make hand free phones calls and other interactions with your phone. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 for listening and sharing music. You can also make phone calls with speed dialing and take part in a four way intercom conversation. It has an advanced noise control technology that cuts down background noise. It offers up to 12 hours talk time on a single charge.

  • Buyee® 2x BT interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle helmet intercom Headset 800M rider to pillion

This is a wireless Bluetooth headset, making its installation easier compared to wired Bluetooth headsets. You can enjoy your phone’s music through A2DP or connect GPS via this headset. You are guaranteed of clear voice due to its DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. Its button panel is sun and water proof, hence you can use it in whichever weather condition.


The cost of Embedding Bluetooth to a helmet can be reduced by doing the installation on your own. For the whole process to be less costly and beneficial, you should take some things into consideration. Your cost of installing a Bluetooth headset should be less than the cost of buying one that has Bluetooth pre-installed. You should also follow the procedures carefully to avoid destroying your helmet completely. Before you start making any alterations to your helmet, you should examine it to correctly determine which tools and materials you will need.

Safety is still the most important job of any helmet, so make sure that any alterations you make are not too extensive and will not compromise the safety standards of the helmet!

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