How to Become a Test Driver: Here’s What You Should Know

How to Become a Test Driver

Interested in knowing how to become a test driver? Keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share with you everything that you should know. If this has always been your dream job, we will take you there a step closer by discussing the specifics on how it can be possible. Many may find it intimidating and challenging. The truth is, with a little patience and determination, as well as knowledge on how you can be one, it should not take long before you become a test driver.

Before anything else, let us first have a look at what exactly does a test driver do, which should be a good starting point for you to understand how you can land a job in such field. Your job is to assess the performance of a vehicle by having it test driven. A lot of car enthusiasts are interested in this job because it is an excellent opportunity to have a first-hand experience in driving some of the most luxurious cars, including those that you know you can never own in your lifetime. As a test driver, you will be able to provide feedbacks on how a vehicle performs and suggest any potential for improvement.

So, how exactly can you be a test driver? It is not as easy as submitting an application online and waiting for a call letting you know that you have been accepted for the job. Competition can be tough, so you should do what it takes to stand out above all others.

Your Guide on How to Become a Test Driver

Regardless of the country where you are from, there is no specific educational background that is necessary. You can be a test driver regardless of your education, but most companies prefer if you have a degree in automotive technology.

1. Invest in Vehicle Knowledge

As mentioned above, there are no formal requirements. However, it is necessary that you have advanced knowledge when it comes to automotive. You should know the different parts that make up a car and how they have an impact on overall performance. A degree in mechanical engineering will also increase your chances of being accepted. You might want to consider enrolling in crash courses about automotive. You should also brush up on reading to further enhance what you already know about cars.

2. Bank of your Experiences

If you intend to apply as a test driver, early on, you should also invest in experiences in the field of automobiles. An ideal candidate is someone who has an experience in writing about cars. You can consider a career as an automotive correspondent in publications that focus on cars. As a writer, you will most probably have the first-hand experience in testing cars before they are released commercially. You are expected to write an objective review. This will help you to have an understanding of the critical factors that will be evaluated by a test driver. Experience as an Automotive technician will also help.

3. Develop your Skills and Personal Qualities

Test drivers are known for their intensive skills, which is why it is important for you to have it improved. A good driving skill is perhaps the most basic requirement. You must be able to drive even at high speeds, and most importantly, you must be aware of road safety. Driving in hilly terrains, curved plains, snowy surfaces, and other types of ground conditions will be evaluated. If you have an experience in autos sports, this will also increase the likelihood of being a test driver.

More so, there are also personal qualities that will prove to be vital in your intended career. You must show a high level of confidence in driving the most powerful cars and even in the most intimidating conditions. Your skills in written communication will also be critical. Physical and mental health will also be assessed to prove that you are fit for the requirements of the job. You should be attentive to details. You should also have excellent interpersonal skills as you have to work with other people. It is also important to have analytical skills.

4. Look for Opportunities

You should actively seek for employment opportunities. If you just sit there and dream of this job, nothing will happen. You need to exert effort. You should go online and do your research. A quick Google search will reveal a long list of results containing jobs that are open in your specific location.

You can also check out, a website that specializes in listing current vacancies in different locations. Automotive magazines and engineering firms may always be actively seeking for new test drivers. Do not also be afraid to take advantage of your network.

Keep on attending auto expos and other events where you can find companies looking for new test drivers. Once an opportunity knocks, grab it and prove to them that you are the best person for the job!


By now, we hope that you are already aware of how to become a test driver. You might be intimidated, especially because there are many people who dream of building a career in this field. Focus on improving what you already know. You should be proactive in enhancing your knowledge. At the end of the day, the most important are patience. Do not be frustrated after being rejected. Rather, this should be considered as an opportunity to improve!

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