How to Effectively Remove Cement from Your Car ?

Remove cement from car

There is not a lot more disappointing than getting concrete onto your car. Because it can dry fairly quickly, you may not be able to remove it before it dries, if you even notice it. However much of a headache it can give you to find concrete on your car, there are ways to remove it. I want to show you how to remove cement from a car, even if it’s already dried on.

What to Consider Before Trying to Remove Cement?

Try to keep a few things in mind when you’re thinking about cleaning cement from your car. Concrete is made from a mixture of crushed stones, cement, and sand. When it’s all mixed together it goes through an actual chemical process in order to become hardened when it dries. Because of this, you will have to use a chemical to remove it and will not be able to use a regular cleaning solution such as soap and water. To undo a chemical process, you need the right type of chemical.

Also, keep in mind that the paint finish on your car is not as sturdy as you may think. So, while it might seem like a great idea to scrape off the concrete, pressure wash it, or something similar, these actions can ruin your paint in the area. Once the finish in one small spot is messed up, a larger area can become ruined quickly and expose your car to the elements. Paint is not just for looks, it also helps protect the metal parts of your car!

Getting concrete off your car is not the same as removing other types of dirt. You have to be a bit more careful and willing to endure a little bit more of a process to get it safely lifted off. However, the methods I’m going to talk about below can be used on the outside paint finish and the wheel wells, so you should be safe to use them on most areas of the car.

How to Remove Cement from a Car Exterior?

Here are the best ways to try to remove cement from your car:

1. Distilled White Vinegar

This is a kind of go-to cleaner for many things around the house, but it can also be useful if you have cement on your car. White vinegar has some acidity, which makes it possible to reverse the hardening process of concrete. Pus, vinegar is softer on the paint finish than most other cleaning methods.

To start, take the vinegar and a sponge or a soft cloth. Pour the vinegar over the concrete and place the sponge or cloth over it. Hold it in place and apply more vinegar if the concrete spot isn’t well soaked. Start pressing on the sponge or cloth, but do not scrape at it or rub it. When you see the concrete starting to lift up, apply more vinegar and lift off as much as possible. Do this as many times as you need to until the concrete is removed fully.

2. Cement Removal Products for Cars

Some products are made specifically to help you remove cement from cars without removing the finish. The most commonly recommended product is calledBack Set Cement Remover. This product is useful in removing dried cement, and you can follow the instructions given by it to have it work in the best way.

3. Clay and Polish

If you have removed most of the cement or if it is only a few smaller flecks that got onto the car, try the clay and polish method. Get some clay polishing putty that’s meant for a car, soften it with water, and start to remove the particles with the clay putty. After they have been removed, use regular polish to help protect the finish.

Note: This is only meant for very small amounts of concrete, such as tiny spots or drops. It will not work for large amounts of concrete or big gobs!

4. Mildly Acidic Cleaners

I’m listing this one last because it’s not necessarily the best way to proceed, unless you haven’t had success with anything else. Find cleaning products or liquids with mild acidic, as you don’t need a strong acid to remove the highly alkaline concrete. Citric acid is usually useful, as well as some other mild acids found around the home.

Make sure that the substance is acidic, not basic, because cement is an alkaline chemical. To reverse the chemical process, you need a simple, mild acid to help loosen the concrete again. Strong acids might ruin the car’s finish and aren’t really necessary, as a mild acid will usually do the trick just fine. Make sure whatever you’re using is safe to touch and handle!

Here is a simple list of a few of the common household products that are mild acids:


Cleaning cement off your car may be a bit difficult sometimes, but it’s not a hopeless process. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! The methods I’ve just explained on hot to remove cement from a car have been proven to be effective and safe for your car, so you should be able to try what you can on either the paint finish or the wheel wells without running into much trouble.

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