How to Choose your Black Friday Motorcycle Helmet of 2017?

Black Friday Motorcycle Helmet

The world of ecommerce has enabled retailers to build relationship with customers on different platforms and channels. Ecommerce has made the retail store available 24 * 7 for the customer. Retail is always made successful not just by customers but by loyal customers who bring in new customers.

Customer retention hence has become one of the pressing issues for ecommerce. Customers value their relationship with a retailer via the customer experience the retailers have delivered.

For customers like you, it means that you get better deals, and an awesome customer service, even if you’re buying in one of the best days of the year, the Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday usually happens on the Friday after the Thanksgiving every year which starts off the shopping season for the Christmas. All the retailers open up their stores early on in the morning and offer big discounts for the buyers to shop. Various online retailers too, offer huge discounts on a varied range of items.

The phenomenon started way back in the 1950s and has become as much of a tradition as the Thanksgiving Parade. This year, the black Friday is falling on November 24, 2017.

If you’re looking out for a good helmet at a cheap rate for this Christmas road trip, Black Friday could be the right occasion for you. However, there are a couple of things you must keep in mind while shopping so as to not overspend or be duped.

It doesn’t matter what item you want to buy, Black Friday is the day when everybody finally turns their wish list into carts. Whether it’s a laptop, a TV, a bike, or even a motorcycle helmet, everything’s on sale. If you’re somebody who’s looking to buy for a brand new motorcycle helmet on the Black Friday but are unsure on what to look out for, here’s everything you need to know.

What to look for when choosing motorcycle helmet on black Friday?

Black Friday, most of the times, has some genuinely great deals for you. However, there are times when you can either get a higher discount rate or you may be duped in paying a bit too much. In order to buy the right helmet that you need, here are a few things you must follow.

  • Stay informed
    It's always a good idea to stay on your toes over the information about the Black Friday sale. Make sure that you have subscribed to the mailing list so that you always get to know the offers first and are aware of the stock available. This way you will be able to find out some genuine deals and save a ton of money before anyone else.
  • Understand the use of the helmet
    Apart from making sure that you always know of the best deals, it is also important that you know the purpose you're buying the helmet for. You don't want to take a sports helmet to your everyday work and feel like it was a waste of money. Thus, it is always a good idea to understand the purpose of the helmet and the Brand's offers in black Friday sale to not end up buying something you regret.
  • Think about what features you need
    After you’ve decided upon the purpose of the helmet, think of all the features you may need in that one. Black Friday allows you to buy a plethora of helmets, each with different features. Thus, always go with an idea of the kind of features you need in one to like its comfort, shell material, weight, etc. to search faster.
  • Set a budget
    Despite of the sale involved, it is imperative that you set a budget on your purchase before buying anything. There are many deals that haven’t changed in the past few weeks, and therefore, missing out on them won’t mean anything. Black Friday may allow you to buy an expensive helmet at a cheaper rate but always check if it’s worth what you’re paying.
  • Consider its shape and size
    A lot of times, retailers do have a limited stock of the stuff you’re looking for. Thus, it’s always a good idea to try on a helmet before you buy it. Check if it fits well and if it’s light enough to be used every day and then buy it.
  • Take a note of its safety ratings
    Sometimes, you may find some dupes in the mix while everything else is on high discounts. Therefore, always check up on the safety ratings to know of its authenticity before buying.
  • Check the return policies
    No matter what the sale is, it is important that you know the return policies beforehand. You may not like the product after taking it back home and thus, it’s better if you’re aware of the return policies.


Black Friday could be the day you could get the most expensive line of helmets extremely cheap. But, it’s always good to be sure about things like its safety, weight, and size, to make sure you’re not overspending.

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