Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers the Black Friday 2017

Black Friday Motorcycle Battery Chargers

Every year, several best brands give unbelievable discounts on their products on Black Friday.

If you are planning on buying your motorcycle’s battery charger and have been waiting to get it on this day, then get ready because we have some of the best brands that will be available for a price that you never even imagined.

What’s the point of shopping on Black Friday if you don’t get it for a steal, right?!

Best Motorcycle Battery Chargers to look out for:

The Battery Buddy Charger/ Maintainer is something you need to keep handy as an off-season storage. You can use it on everything from boats, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs, to ATVs and much more.

  • Four modes of charging available in Battery Buddy- initialization, bulk charge, absorption and float.
  • Intelligently maintains the amount of charge that goes into your battery and prevents it from being overcharged.

However, you cannot charge extremely low or dead batteries that are below 3 volts, thanks to the internally built safety circuit that stops any DC output voltage at such a low level. You do have as single LED status indicator light but it doesn’t add up much to the current consumption too.

You can rely upon Battery Buddy in adverse situations of heat or cold. It can be used as a long-term storage. It can also be left charging for longer periods of time.

The Top Things You Will Love

  • Specially designed for off-season usage.
  • You get spark proof connectors, as well as 8-foot output cord, along with reverse polarity protection in Battery Buddy.
  • Charges both lead-acid and flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries of large and smaller sizes (12 volts and 6 volts)

Designed for AGM batteries, Battery Tender is a very efficient 5 amp battery charger with high-frequency switch mode.

With four modes of charging available - just like the Extreme Max product we reviewed above, you can use it every day as well as over the longer term.

  • You can re-charge any lead-acid batteries for automotive, marine, agriculture, construction and more.
  • You may also use it for all power sport applications like AVTs, Boats, Generators, Lawn-mowers, UTVs, Motorcycle Motor homes and Automobiles.

The best part - you can put it on and leave it until the time you are ready to use your vehicle. Even after being fully charged, the charger maintains it for quite a period of time in that state. So, you don’t have to worry about re-charging it frequently. It is a 12 Volt charger/maintainer with an input of 120 VAC 60 Hz.

The Top Things You Will Love

  • Battery Tender has a higher output of 5 amps, and its automatic switching to maintenance mode makes it very convenient for users.
  • You get spark proof connectors, short circuit and reverse polarity protection too in Battery Tender.
  • You can use it regularly or use it as storage/maintenance for off-seasons.
  • Easily charges all kinds of lead-batteries.
  • Factory-installed gasket makes it waterproof.

With a battery capacity that ranges from 6 Volts to 12 Volts, you can charge batteries with as low as 3 Volts of charge.

Versatile, it is perfect for vehicles demanding high power - from ATVs to boats and motorcycles.

  • A compact battery, it takes up very minimal running power.
  • Unless the current charging mode is selected, it will not begin charging - thanks to the internal electronic safety.
  • It's an alternative that is simple, and works great instead of large and complex batteries.
  • There is an integrated MCU that is installed which ensures the safety of this battery.
  • Sturdy spring and alligator clamps present along with an O-ring offer the safety you need.

The Top Things You Will Love

  • Covers a wide variety of batteries to charge - from lead-acid to AGM batteries.
  • Charges frozen batteries too and are surprisingly lightweight and portable.
  • Automatically stops charging, once the battery is full.
  • Can be used on batteries for travel trailers, battery banks for solar panels, scooters and much more.

If you are looking for an advanced battery charger, Opti-MATE-6 is the best option. It is a 12V battery charger that is fully automatic and recognizes the difference between a discharged or sulphated battery. It can revive depleted batteries with as low a charge as 0.5 Volts.

Once it is fully charged, it automatically stops charging and stores and maintains the charge for weeks or even months.

The battery automatically shuts down in case of short circuits.

You may change the battery charger according to your necessities. These batteries also contain Odyssey and Optima. The extreme power and performance of Odyssey batteries make it perfect for a range of applications. For example, you can use it in cars.

You can use this battery to maintain a charge for any 12V size lead-acid battery such as deep cycle, auto-motive, marine, motorcycle. You can be assured of your safety as battery indicates early warning if there is a problem. Cell controls the Amp current and automatically stores/maintains for month-long terms. OptiMATE 6 also optimizes battery performance.

The Top Things You Will Love

  • You can change the battery charger according to your need for a starter/deep clean battery.
  • You have your safety guaranteed, as the battery automatically shuts down if a short circuit occurs.
  • You get spark proof connectors, short circuit and reverse polarity protection and it has zero risks of over-charging.

If you are an adventurous person, the GOOLOO battery is the one you should opt for. You can charge virtually any USB powered device with this battery. It will serve you in case of emergencies, like when you are outdoors or camping. You can charge cameras, smartphones, tablets and more with this charger.

  • The LED light in this battery is present in three modes- high, strobe and SOS.
  • You have a high capacity battery with 18000 mAh and can easily jump start your vehicle.
  • You can count on it for safety, as an in-built protector is present which prevents it from explosions.
  • It also has a battery clamp, wall charger, car charger and a three-in-one USB cable that makes it all the more user-friendly.

The Top Things You Will Love

  • Dual USB out port is present with which you can charge virtually any USB powered device.
  • Specifically useful for jump starting your vehicle. You can use it in vehicles like motorcycles, RV, tractor, mower, cargo vans, oil boats and more.
  • Has a LED flashlight that helps you in outdoor activities like camping or travelling.
  • An in-built smart protection is available that prevents melting or explosions. And an LCD screen that shows you the battery status.

Things to consider when Choosing Your Battery Charger this Black Friday

Here are some of the things that you need to be looking at to get the battery charger you need. After all, it’s not just the discounts that you need to be looking at, but the brand and reliability as well.

  • Big names participate:
    Some of the best deals in Black Friday Motorcycle Battery Chargers will be available on big online stores. Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart - you name it. So keep your list ready so that you know which ones you need without wasting your valuable time.
  • Get flat shipping rates or get it delivered for free:
    That’s right. Many retailers offer unbelievable deals and subject to meeting certain requirements, you can have your battery chargers, or whatever it is that you buy, shipped to your address for a flat shipping rate. This means that whether you buy a few things or a truckload of bike accessories, you have chances of paying just a one fixed shipping rate.
    Moreover, some of them also allow you to have your products delivered for free.
  • No Sales Tax:
    Some of the states will enjoy the privilege of this feature on Black Friday. So find out first if your state qualifies before heading out to grab some amazing deals on motorcycle battery chargers.


It is always advisable to have your shopping list ready for Black Friday as with so many deals and discounts it is easy to go astray and lose out on the ones that are important for you. Since motorbike battery chargers are high in demand during this day, we have helped you jot down some of the best chargers to look out for on the different websites so that at the end of the day, you know that you have bought the best charger for yourself at the best deal possible.

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