Black Friday Sales: How To Choose the Perfect Biking Gloves of 2017?

Black Friday Gloves

Use this Black Friday to get the perfect biking gloves!

Bike Friday sales are the biggest sales in the year, and you could get your hands on your favourite biking gloves, at a steal-deal price.

If you are a bike enthusiast, you must possess good quality biking gloves as they protect your hands from injuries in case of an accident or a fall. After all, it is the hands that touch the ground first in case of fall or accident and may get broken, bruised or badly cut requiring medical attention. This may also prevent you from riding and handling a motorcycle for a considerable period of time. So if you want to add good quality Black Friday motorcycle gloves to your biking gear there is no better time than now as Black Friday that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season draws near. 

Before choosing biking gloves do remember that they are an important piece of protective gear. The handlebar could become slippery due to the weather conditions or your sweat and gloves help you to have a tight grip on the bar. Gloves also give more protection from the constant friction that you have between the hands and the handlebars and which easily results into you having blisters or chafing. 

The Top 5 Biking Gloves You Need to Check Out This Black Friday!

Here are the 5 gloves that you can choose from as they have all the qualities of good motorcycle gloves.

If you want gloves with a great fit that give ample protection to your hands then the LM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves are the perfect choice. They are waterproof and windproof and have alloy steel protection parts that provide maximum protection to your hands, fingers, and wrists. Engineered taking into account the shape of a human body, these gloves give the palm the maximum degree of anti-slip function and a full range of grasping conditions. The finger and palm protection parts are made of PVC material to protect them from abrasion.

A glove made of combination of polyamide nylon, polyester, and polyvinyl chloride the lightweight Fox racing ranger mountain bike glove has an absorbent micro-suede thumb with silicone grip fingertip and double layer Clarino palm. Wearing this will give you complete control and total comfort.

These gloves breathe well as they are made of a combination of microfiber, leather lycra, and nylon. They provide excellent protection with full finger gloves and shields knuckles that prevent cuts and injuries. The adjustable wrist strap allows for flexibility and correct grip

The new Thinsulate motorcycle leather full gloves black are made of top quality leather and have a unisex design. They feel comfortable to wear as they have a high density yet thin liner. The knuckle padding keeps your hands safe in case of an untoward incident. 

The Fox Dirt paw Gloves promises a heavy-duty performance in whatever conditions you are riding. The single-layer Clarion palm that is lightly padded to absorb the rough terrain lets you have more control of the handlebar. The gloves give you more flexibility due to the silicone fingertip grippers and the fully padded neoprene knuckles offer higher impact protection. The stretch polyester keeps your hands cool and dry even after a long ride. 

The Top Tips to Keep In Mind

Keep the following things in mind while buying your motorcycle gloves.

  • Glove Fit: Leather vs Textile
    If you are opting for a leather glove remember that it will naturally stretch with constant use over a period of time, so buy gloves that are a little tight. Textile gloves will become softer with time but will not stretch so you should buy gloves which are of proper fit. In case of doubt buy one size bigger.
  • Usage
    Choose a glove that suits your usage. If you are into racing choose gloves that will have more aggressive pre-curved fingers and are tighter. If you ride long distances every day you can go in for gloves that fit close and give you more flexibility. For general riding purposes, you should feel comfortable wearing your gloves even after long hours of riding. The gloves should be such that fingers are in their natural position to grip the handlebar. 
  • Buy Gloves with Palm Sliders
    Palm sliders are thick plastic gliders that prevent any injury to your wrist by substantially lessening the impact in case of an accident or a fall. They also prevent the palm from rubbing roughly against the pavement. 
  • Cuff
    There are mainly three sizes of cuffs in motorcycle gloves. The short cuffs, mid-cuffs and long cuffs. The short cuffs are the most convenient but provide the least protection while the mid-cuff is convenient and gives more protection than the short cuff but still less than long cuff gloves which are undoubtedly the least convenient to wear. It is a trade-off between convenience and protection and you should give it a long and hard thought before taking any decision. 
  • Cleaning
    Gloves get dirty due to the sweat of your hands and road grime so they must be cleaned at regular intervals. Warm water and mild soap/detergent is the correct medium for cleaning the gloves and then they should be rinsed clean with cold water. Afterwards, the gloves should be allowed to dry naturally. Do not wring the gloves nor use any kind of heat to aid in drying. Use a conditioner occasionally for leather gloves. Put your gloves on when still damp to get the correct fit and then leave them to dry fully.


While there are a good many biking gloves to choose from, the right one depends on your needs as well as the material quality. If you love bikes and racing, you need a sturdy and tough choice that will last long. If you are rather looking for comfort, going in for leather gloves might be the answer you are looking for.

Keep in mind the suggestions given above while shopping and get for yourself the perfect biking gloves.

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