Your Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Best Motorcycle Oil

Best motorcycle Oil

In your search for the best motorcycle oil that is available in the market, you will most probably be overwhelmed because of too many choices. With this, in the rest of this post, we will help you to make the right choice to be guaranteed that you will be provided with the best bang for the buck.

Types of Motorcycle Oil

The first thing that you have to do is to decide on the specific type of oil that you need. In this case, the following are the options that you may want to take into consideration:

  • Conventional Oil: This is also known as regular or mineral oil. It consists of refined crude oil, which is combined with different additives, such as detergents, which can be excellent in neutralizing acids. Friction modifiers can also be added to improve lubrication, and consequently, fuel economy.
  • Synthetic Oil: Since the World War II, this type of oil has already been used, but it was only in recent years when significant technologies have made it better. There are engines that may not accept this type of oil, which is why it is important to be aware of the specifications of your motorcycle first. It uses pure crude as its essential building block.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil: This is exactly what is implied by its name. This is a mixture of the two oils that have been earlier mentioned – conventional and synthetic oil.

Why You Should Replace your Motorcycle Oil?

Your motorcycle oil should be replaced every now and then. The question of how often it should be changed will depend on some factors, such as the extent of the use of your motorcycle. It is important to note that the oil is the lifeblood of the engine, which basically explains why it is critical.

  • Improve Fuel Economy: With the use of the right oil, your engines will perform better in the absence of consuming too much fuel.
  • Prolong Lifespan of Parts: It is also important to change the oil as needed in order to prevent the wear and tear of the components of the engine.
  • Provide More Power: When the engine is well-lubricated, you can expect that it does not have to exert too much effort while delivering powerful performance.
  • Minimize Friction: One of the main functions of oil is to provide lubrication, which is why it can lessen friction in the parts of the engine.
  • Prevent Contamination: When the oil has been penetrated by dirt, it can be contaminated, and hence, having it replaced is a must.
  • Minimize Failures: Replacing your motorcycle oil regularly is also important to prevent problems and to make sure that the engine is well-maintained.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Oil?

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you decide on which one to pick:

  • Feedbacks: If you have no idea on how one product is different from the other or what to expect from a specific option, it would be best to rely on the opinions of other people. Reading online reviews will be a great way to weigh the possibilities. You can also ask around from people you personally know. From their experiences, you will be able to make a decision easily.
  • Compatibility: Not all motorcycle oils are the same. You need to pay specific attention to the requirement of your motorcycle to decide which one will be the right choice. Using the wrong type of oil will not only be a waste of money, but can also be damaging for your engine.
  • Viscosity: This is important to be assured of the effectiveness of the oil. According to experts, the viscosity is important so that the oil will be able to perform optimally even when it is subjected to very high temperature.
  • Efficiency: For the motorcycle oil to be efficient, one of the most important is for it to be efficient, meaning, within a little amount, it must be able to perform at its best, which will also be indicative of being able to provide excellent value for your money.
  • Additives: It is common for motorcycle oils to have different types of additives, which can improve their function. For instance, one of the most common forms of additive is detergent, which can help to keep debris out and to make sure that the engine is kept clean. They can also be effective in improving cooling and lubrication, among other benefits.
  • Cost: Without a doubt, many people will decide on the basis of price. With this, do not choose one product only because it is the cheapest in the market. Even if it is expensive, if it can deliver superior functionality, there should be no hesitations on spending for such.

Top Products Comparison Table – Recommendation on the Market

There are many motorcycle oil products on the market, I recommend top 5 products for you as following:

Top Picks for the Best Motorcycle Oil

If you are still finding it hard to make the right decision, in this part, we will have a quick look at some of the top options that you might want to take into consideration. Aside from their notable features, we will also tackle some of their pros and cons, which will make it easier for you to differentiate the possibilities.

1. Castrol 06112 Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil

Among other things, one that I liked the most about this motorcycle oil is the fact that it is made by a trusted name, which can provide you with the confidence that it will indeed prove to be a great choice.

This is a full-synthetic and does not contain any crude, which is exactly the reason why I am recommending this. This provides it with exceptional ability to clean the engine while also making sure that it does not produce toxic emissions.

One more thing that I loved about this oil for a motorcycle is its Trizone Technology. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for allowing to provide maximum protection on the gearbox, clutch, and engine.

The shear stability of this oil is one more thing that deserves to be given emphasis. Even when subjected to mechanical stress and external conditions, it will remain stable and will be able to deliver the performance that is anticipated. Aside from shear stability, it can also deliver consistent viscosity. Regardless if it is cold or hot, the right level of viscosity will be maintained.


  • Provides exceptional protection
  • ​Made by a trusted brand
  • Improves acceleration


  • Frequent need for changing
  • High price

2. Mobil 1 98JA11 10W-40 Racing 4T Motorcycle Oil for Sport Bikes

If you are on the lookout for the best motorcycle oil, this is one option that you may want to consider. It can be used for both on-road and off-road motorbikes, providing you with the guarantee that the benefits will be the same.

The superb shear stability of this product is one thing that you might find to be impressive. This is going to prevent the possibility of being damaged because of shifts in viscosity. This is going to be helpful in increasing its reliability in protecting the engine of your motorcycle.

Before you buy this product, it is also important to keep in mind that this is a conventional motor oil. Simply put, this means that it is made from refined crude oil or other petroleum products. Because of this, they are versatile and can be used in a wide array of motorcycle compared to their synthetic and hybrid counterparts.

Lastly, it can also be an exceptional choice if you are on the lookout for thermal stability. With the latter, oxidation will never be a problem. This will also lessen the likelihood that the engine will degrade because of extreme temperature.


  • Offers superb protection
  • High output
  • Works well even in extreme temperature


  • High price
  • Container can be prone to leaking

3. Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Among others, the low ash additive technology is one feature that you might love about this product. This is the one that is able to provide the optimal responsive protection that is going to adapt depending on the specific driving condition.

One of the things that you can expect form this oil is its ability to improve fuel economy. This will offer the protection that is needed by the engine from wear and tear and will provide the lubrication that is needed to minimize the effort that will be required from the engine.

Improved deposit control is one more reason why this is going to be an option that you should consider. The dispersant additives that are added have been carefully formulated and combined with synthetic base oils. The end result is the enhance ability to protect the engine from soot and other common contaminants.

Lastly, it also offers reliable pumping. This is basically one of the reasons why it is able to deliver a high level of protection even when in extreme temperatures.


  • Excellent formulation
  • Significantly reduces friction
  • Helps prolong engine life


  • Can increase oil pressure
  • Has a thick texture

4. Castrol 03130 Actevo 10W-40 Part Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil

More than the reputable brand name, one of the things that you might love about this motorcycle oil is Trizone Technology, allowing it to provide optimal protection not only for the engine, but also for your gearbox and clutch.

The engine wear protection that can be provided by this motorcycle oil is another benefit that is worth noting. Whether you are on short or long trips, you can expect that it can promote nothing but the best for your engine and other components.

This 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil comes with a special formulation, which provides it with a distinct advantage above many others within the competition. It comes with heat protection molecules, which, when released, will prevent wear in your engine and will protect from the damages that can be possibly caused by extreme temperature.

Lastly, it is also a good thing that this is cost-efficient. You need only a little amount to yield its full benefits. It can provide excellent value for every dollar that will be spent, providing you with the assurance that your money won’t go into waste.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent protection for the engine
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Gallon is prone to leaking
  • Can cause hard shifting

5. Honda 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil

One of the things that make this an excellent choice is the fact that it is made by Honda. Brand name in itself is already enough reason for you to have it chosen above other alternatives. This can make you confident that it will be able to deliver what it promises.

Since 1975, this motorcycle oil was already on the market. Through the years, different products from their competitors have been introduced, but it remained to be one of the top picks within the product category, which is tantamount into its ability to deliver exceptional performance.

Constant testing has been executed by the company to make sure that the quality of the product will be hard to match. In the same way, it undergoes continuous development to keep up with the changing times.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that it is able to deliver viscosity stability in a variety of external conditions. The Even extreme temperature will hardly affect the viscosity of the oil, which increases its dependability, whether you are in a hot or cold environment.


  • Affordable price
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Genuine product


  • Package can leak
  • Low grade


In sum, from the five models that have been mentioned above, if there is one that we can recommend, it would be Castrol 06112 Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil. The latter may be an expensive product, but every dollar will surely be worth it gave the many benefits that you can enjoy from its use. As the best motorcycle oil, you can enjoy a high level of reliability, which will be true regardless of the external conditions. It is going to prolong the life of your engine by reducing friction and wear. This will also improve fuel economy. Indeed, this is one oil that you should use if you want to see significant improvements in the performance of your motorcycle.

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