The Best Moment for Brake Covering to All Riders

Brake Covering

It is possible you have added more to your level of balance and experience, but underestimating the priceless merits on brakes covering moments and its efficiency must not be overlooked. Covering of the brake involves removing your right foot off the bike’s accelerator and then your hand or foot must be held or placed on the motorcycle’s brake pedal. It should be noted that while riding, your foot must not rest on the brake pedal but hover over it.

With this technique, you can be sure of a simple change from acceleration to a braking stage. This way, slowing down at a shortened distance is easier and efficient at the same time. So, when driving or riding in the city or anywhere, you should always have it in mind that a sudden or slow stop is inevitable. Having this at the back of your mind will perfect your timing response whenever you want to cover the brake.

Therefore, the necessary question you will have to ask yourself, is that what moment do I cover my brake? Discussed below, are few situations when the need to cover your brakes is critical and beneficial. Been cautious and learning the precise time to do so, will save you from most common human errors which are the primary cause of accidents.

Parked Cars

Usually, cars are parked almost anywhere aside the parking lot, and it’s unavoidable as a rider not to pass at least where a car would be parked. So, it is advisable to ride a bit far away from parked car’s door, and while cautiously following all preventive measures, you should also be ready for a sudden stop, should a door opens or someone emerges.

Signal Lights and Cars having their Brake light on

Another scenario you will undoubtedly encounter on a regular basis is a moving or parked vehicle’s brakes lights. When you see the light of other vehicle’s brake light, covering your brake is the next best help you can ever offer yourself because, whenever cars around you are reacting to an event mostly, by applying the brake, then it’s necessary you do the same. This could save you and other road users from damages or accidents due to human error.

Furthermore, when approaching a signal or stop light, covering brakes to slow down is quite necessary and do try as much as possible, to assess the vicinity before carrying on with your journey. This way, it’s sure you won’t run into anyone or anything.

Slippery Roads

It’s well known that riding motorcycles on a slippery road or track are not safe and quite dangerous as a matter of fact, riding on an icy or wet road, to some is a real test of riding skills. The application of brake on slippery roads and tracks might assist you to halt suddenly, but it’s usually in rear cases. But you should know that covering your brake will inevitably slow down your movement and eventually stops with time mostly when your tires are slipping. So, even if your tire fails to offer your motorcycle enough grip, covering your brake early on slippery tracks or road will help the tire find its grip eventually.

Populated Areas

There are times you will have no other option but to pass through a certain crowded or populated environment. You should then have it in mind that any person be it young or old can pop out of nowhere, causing you to make an abrupt stop. Therefore, such place must be threaded or passed carefully by covering your brakes, so as not to hit any obstacle or person and also allow you to gain a better control of your motorcycle and environment.

Riding through Country or Dirt Roads

Country roads are another route that won’t test your patience alone it also proves to be a rough, narrow road that gives all riders a bumpy ride. Riding motorcycle on such road is usually not an easy task. The common issue with the road is that certain animals tend to cross the road suddenly, leap out of nowhere, or you might even come across a stray animal on the dirt or country road. Brake covering is the best help you can ever turn to if you are on such route.

Sensing Unstable drivers

There are moments when you will personally sense whether the driver or rider beside you, might be erratic or unstable in one way or the other. Since no one will know what she or he might be up to, it is best to cover your brake to avoid and at the same time prevent yourself from being a victim of an unstable driver. Mostly it’s best to think yourself as the only stable driver on the road that needs to be very careful, rather than joining the wagon of the erratic drivers.

Merits of Brake Covering

Although few things could only be achieved just by covering brake alone and its advantages can’t be overlooked as it could save you from a lot of trouble.

This process and strategy are quite efficient majorly because it just doesn’t reduce the motorcycle’s rate of wear and tear, but it also helps lessen the rate of fuel consumption. This is because when you apply the brake and then stops moving instantly, while on the move you tend to consume more fuel and result into more wear and tear.

When approaching a crossroad, roundabout or a junction, it is best to cover the brake as this prevents you from halting harshly before making any turn and mostly saves any vehicle from bumping into you.


When driving with the utmost mindful awareness, as regards traffic and other hindrances that are on the road, it is vital to keep it in mind that the driver or rider next to you might be unstable. Therefore, covering of the brake is a huge necessity that helps prevent unpleasant experience while on the road. Even while on a congested road, all you need is what will give you an effortless transition from high speed to a braking or slow condition. This way, you will get to park your motorcycle without any scratch or dent and cover it with the best motorcycle cover in the garage.

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