ATV Winch Mount: Getting the Best One for You

ATV Winch Mount

If riding All-Terrain Vehicle is your forte, you would know how important a winch can be.  It’s what would keep you running in rugged terrains, without worrying about your car getting stuck. Got stuck somewhere? Just attach the wire cord from the ATV to a tree and get your ATV out.

However, attaching a winch to your ATV isn’t as easy as it sounds – it requires a series of steps, tools, and expertise.

Let’s start from the basics - before mounting the winch, you need a good mount.

Some vehicles do come with attached mount on them, making them ready to directly mount the winch. However, if your vehicle doesn’t have one, you need to look for the right one immediately. For one, you need a winch that could pull more than the weight of your ATV – the first consideration for you.

The First Two Things to Take A Look At

Before deciding the perfect winch mount for you, here are the two other things you need to look at.

1. The Structure

The winch mount comes in different forms, and you need to look at your ATV to know what’s right for you.

  • The ATV winch mount generally comes in the form of a plate.
  • Some of the mounts have a low width smaller plate connected perpendicularly to one of the edges of its breadth side. In technical terms, this part is called a bracket.
  • For other mounts that don’t have this extra part, an external bracket can be attached to it. The brackets act as a fairlead. Along with that, it also adds to a better and firm mounting of the winch on the mount.

2. The Costs

The price of ATV winch mount can vary widely but mostly depends on two primary factors.

  • -First, the winch machine has to be mounted on the mount. If the winch machine’s power is comparatively low, the cost of the mount to be applied automatically lowers down.
  • -The winch machine’s speed to pull the cable also plays a role to determine the expenses to be invested on the mount. The structure and edition of winch machine are one of the determining factors.
  • -Secondly, the model of the ATV affects the cost of the mount.
  • The weight and overall structure of ATV lead to the choice of machine and cable that has to be put and this ultimately indicates the proportion of money to be put for the purchase of the winch mount.

The cost for the mount also includes the expenses spent to modify the vehicle in order to put the mount in a stable and functioning state.

Sometimes you may need to replace or remove some of the components of the vehicle when mounting the winch, with alternative compatible components – which could mean additional expenses.

In terms of statistics and facts, the cost of a mount varies from as low as $4.99 to as high as $175.

How do you choose the suitable mount?

The mounting plate to be used in a vehicle depends on various factors, like:

  • The make of the winch,
  • The make of ATV,
  • The make of mount,
  • The model of the winch,
  • The line pull rating of the vehicle,
  • The mount winch compatibility

The Make of the Winch

The type of mount to be used largely depends on where the winch comes from. Most of the companies design the winch machine so that the signature style fits with a particular type of mount only. This mount preferably belongs to the same place where the winch comes from.

Sometimes, there are manufacturers that study the design of the winch machine carefully and offer compatible mounts for all sorts of design.  If you are planning to buy an unbranded winch mount, at least make sure that it goes unobstructed with the winch machine that we have.

The Make of the ATV

While opting for a mount, keep in mind that the mount chosen needs to get bolted to the ATV directly with ease, a reason the make and model of ATV come to play here.

 The bolting of the mount on the ATV shouldn’t require any cutting or fabrication. More, the frame of the ATV should be such that the bolted mount be able to distribute the weight of the pulling load throughout the vehicle’s frame.

This distribution of force during winching provides extra stability. It diminishes the probability of possible damage to the ATV. The ride and handling of ATV depend, in this way, on the mount opted. A good choice makes the ride smooth and unaffected.

The Make of the Mount

The mount, when engineered together with winch machine and the ATV, needs to work as a closed intact system. It needs to provide maximum pulling power and be capable of withstanding stresses., since the winching operation can generate a high amount of stress easily.

The Model of the Winch

The frequency factor and power generated largely depends on the model of the winch. The mount needs to be able to be as steady as possible - at the highest limit of power execution of that particular model of the winch machine.

Some experts suggest that mount should be able to withstand the force that is a bit higher than the maximum limit of the winch to assure complete safety.

The Line Pull rating of Vehicle

The mount steadiness depends upon the frequency and speed of the rotation of cable cylinder inside the winch. Higher the speed of the rotation of winch, more should be the strength of the bolted mount to withstand the force exerted.

Mount Winch Compatibility

The compatibility between the two largely depends on the above-mentioned factors. In other words, if we managed to comply with all the above factors, it’s almost assured that we would succeed to find the most compatible mount for our ATV.

Bottom Line

The ATV mount is an essential component in the process of equipping our ATV with winching mechanism. It’s what can possibly take you out from those sticky situations, when you’re driving on rugged terrains, and you sure wouldn’t want to mess it up with a wrong choice.

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